Misdemeanor Criminal Charges

Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyerBeing charged with a misdemeanor in district court is no laughing matter. Misdemeanors should be taken seriously as the costs and fines assessed can be expensive and there is the potential for losing your liberty by being incarcerated. It is imperative that at the beginning of any misdemeanor, Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer file an appearance, request the police report, and file a request for discovery regarding your case. Oftentimes evidence in misdemeanor cases is not kept for more than thirty days. So it is imperative that neither you nor your attorney allow this potential evidence to be destroyed.

Misdemeanors in district court are unlike felony cases in that you are not entitled to a preliminary examination. Instead the procedure involves a series of pretrial conferences and settlement conferences. During each of these conferences it is imperative that you or your Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer ask questions. Has there been any contact with any potential witnesses that the Prosecutor may intend to call against you? Are there any video or audio tapes that the Prosecutor may intend to use against you? Does the Prosecutor intend on using any evidence against you from previous crimes? Is the Prosecutor willing to negotiate the charges against you so that you will be guaranteed no jail time or loss of dignity?

Again, being charged with a misdemeanor is no laughing matter. As a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer It is important to us that your rights remain protected.