Michigan Drug Conspiracy Laws

Grand Rapids drug crimes defense attorneyDrug conspiracy is one of the most common charges a Grand Rapids drug crimes defense attorney will deal with. The crime is especially severe because the evidence gathered against all the participants in the alleged conspiracy can be used against an individual defendant.

How to Prove a Drug Conspiracy

A conspiracy can be difficult to prove. Prosecutors generally have to prove the following elements:

  1. Two or more people came to a mutual understanding to commit some crime.
  2. The defendant is a willful participant of the conspiracy.
  3. At least one of the conspirators knowingly took some “overt act” to carry out the conspiracy.

An overt act can include any concrete action to follow through on the conspiracy plan. For example, if the defendants have been charged with a conspiracy to distribute drugs, a phone call to a drug manufacturer may be considered an overt act to further the crime.

What Penalties Do I Face for Drug Conspiracy?

As your Grand Rapids drug crimes defense attorney will explain, the penalties for drug conspiracy vary. You generally face the penalties for the underlying crime that you conspired to commit such as drug possession, drug possession with intent to distribute, or manufacturing of illegal drugs. Depending upon what you are charged with, you could face anything from a misdemeanor charge to life imprisonment.

In most drug conspiracy cases, prosecutors are seeking serious penalties against the defendants, such as those for drug dealing and drug manufacturing.

How Can a Grand Rapids Drug Crimes Defense Attorney Help?

An individual who faces drug conspiracy charges basically has to defend against two crimes. First, the defendant will have to show that a conspiracy does not exist. Next, the defendant will have to defend against the underlying drug charges. An experienced drug crimes attorney knows what defenses work against the conspiracy and drug charges and can help shape your defense.

An experienced Grand Rapids drug crimes defense attorney understands how the evidence used against your alleged co-conspirators can also be used against you. If you face drug conspiracy charges, you will want an experienced advocate on your side. Contact drug crimes lawyer Jolene J. Weiner-Vatter at (616) 451-4446 to assist you with your defense.

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