Identity Fraud in Michigan

The crimes of identity theft and identity fraud have been on the rise in recent years. A Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney can explain that identity theft involves wrongfully obtaining the personal data of another, and identity fraud involves the deceptive use of that wrongfully obtained data in the commission of a crime. Being charged with either is serious, but you especially need legal assistance if you are facing a count of identity fraud.

A Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Identity Fraud Issues

Grand Rapids criminal defense attorneyOne type of identity fraud involves a situation where an individual legally has another individual’s personal data and uses it fraudulently. Far more typically, as reported by a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer, identity fraud involves personal gain from

• Using stolen credit cards
• Using stolen credit card numbers
• Taking a loan out in another person’s name
• Providing another person’s name to law enforcement upon arrest or questioning
• Living or working in the name of another

What Are the Consequences of an Identity Fraud Charge?

Depending on the specifics of your case, a Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney will explain that lengthy jail time and substantial fines are potential penalties upon conviction, as well as restitution to the victim. Prosecutors are seeking harsher penalties due to heightened public awareness and consequences may be more severe if you have a prior conviction or there are other circumstances of aggravation.

What Can a Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Attorney Do on My Behalf?

Initially, a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer will thoroughly investigate the allegations in an effort to preserve the evidence and acquire witness statements in a timely manner. Based upon the facts, your Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney will craft a defense best suited to your case; that is, if applicable, present an affirmative defense or alternatively present circumstances of mitigation that may allow a plea bargain or perhaps alternative sentencing.

Contact a Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Attorney Sooner, Rather Than Later

Often, individuals are aware they are under investigation. Do not wait for an indictment or an arrest. Be proactive. For any concerns about identity fraud, contact Jolene J. Weiner-Vatter at 616-451-4446.

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