Bank Fraud in Michigan

Grand Rapids bank fraud lawyerBank fraud includes many different crimes that are committed against banks and financial institutions. These crimes are serious offenses and can be considered felonies in Michigan so it’s important to consult a Grand Rapids bank fraud lawyer to help you with your defense.

Generally, bank fraud means that someone intentionally uses fraud to steal money from a bank or bank customer. Bank fraud is distinguished from theft or burglary because this type of crime does not involve physical violence. Instead, the crime is oftentimes committed by identity theft, counterfeit, and forgery.

Types of Bank Fraud

Not all bank fraud involves multi-million dollar Ponzi schemes or heists. Instead, bank fraud can involve any amount of money and can be committed by anyone. Some common types of bank fraud include:

  • Counterfeit. Counterfeit can include fraudulent acts like using fake ATM and credit cards to access money without authorization. Counterfeit can also include trying to pass fake money. You can face felony charges for theses offenses.
  • Forgery. Forgery involves fraudulently writing the signature of another on a financial document or changing the amount on the document. For example, if you add a zero and make a $1,000 check a $10,000 check, you may face forgery charges. This crime often involves corporate insiders who write bad checks against their company. Forging documents and possessing forged documents may be considered felonies.
  • Identity Theft. Identity theft can involve using personal information gained from another to open a new account or make unauthorized charges or withdrawals from an existing account. Identity theft is frequently tied to other crimes like counterfeit and credit card fraud.
  • Loan Fraud. Loan fraud often occurs in the mortgage setting and can involve making misrepresentations on bank loan documents to obtain money that would otherwise not be available.

Bank fraud usually requires prosecutors to show that the conduct was knowing and intentional, and your Grand Rapids bank fraud lawyer can help you prepare evidence for your defense against these charges.

Contact an experienced bank fraud lawyer today

If you face bank fraud charges, you face very serious penalties even though it is considered a white collar crime. If you have any questions regarding a fraud allegation, contact experienced Grand Rapids bank fraud lawyer Jolene J. Weiner-Vatter today at (616) 451-4446 to help you.

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