About Jolene

Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyerJolene is both a trial and appeal attorney.  She has handled over 2,000 cases during her legal career.  She attends numerous training seminars and events throughout the year relating to both state and federal criminal law to remain on the cutting edge of the law.  However, Jolene is not just an effective Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer, she also has earned a reputation for integrity and hard work in the legal community.

Jolene has 16 years experience defending clients in state and federal court. Jolene handles all matters herself and will vigorously represent you till the completion of your criminal case.

Pre-indictment, indictment, motions, evidentiary hearings, investigations, experts, plea bargains, trial, sentencing and supervised release violations: you choose the path of your case with the best and most knowledgeable advice of an aggressive and experienced attorney.

Jolene has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Michigan State University, graduate studies in law from Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois, and received a law degree in 1996.  Jolene is licensed to practice in the State of Michigan, the United States District Court for the Eastern and Western District of Michigan, and the United States 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. Jolene has appeared in most counties throughout Michigan.

Jolene has lived in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, New York and Michigan.  Prior to becoming a licensed attorney Jolene worked for a police department for five years, was a licensed social worker in the state of Michigan, and completed an internship/externship in nonprofit corporate tax law.

As a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer, Jolene consults with experts that include a well respected forensic computer expert, a licensed clinical Neuropsychologist, a Psychologist, a real estate appraiser and a retired Federal Internal Revenue Service agent.  Jolene’s staff includes a highly educated staff attorney, an experienced paralegal, secretary and interns.

Tools we use include Westlaw, Lexis, and an extensive law library.  Our law library includes: DEA Agents Manual; DEA Laboratory Operations Manual; FBI Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines; the complete volume of FBI Laboratory Manuals; and the ATF Manual.

Lastly, Jolene won’t judge you.  She will explain the legal process in plain English to you.  She will include you in all decisions and will explain how all decisions you make will affect the outcome of your case.  Jolene will return your calls and remains available and accessible to you.

Initial Consultations with a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer are free and we are available to meet with you at a time convenient for you!  Call and schedule an appointment today.