A Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer on Health Care Fraud

Federal law requires a health care insurer to pay a legitimate claim within 30 days. As a Michigan criminal defense lawyer can explain, this means most claims are paid quickly and the investigation of fraudulent claims comes after the insurer has paid.

Specific Health Care Fraud as Explained by a Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer
Michigan criminal defense lawyerFraud involves intentional deception or the failure to disclose essential information. Typical examples of health care fraud as observed by a Michigan criminal defense attorney include:

• Billing for care never received
• Duplicate claims
• Billing a non-covered service as a covered service
• Incorrect reporting of a diagnosis or procedure, also known as upcoding
• Forging prescriptions for drugs
• Selling prescription drugs
• Prescribing unnecessary treatments
• Kickbacks

A Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer on How Health Care Fraud Is Investigated
The responsibility for investigating health care law falls on three agencies: (1) the FBI (2) the U.S. Postal Service and (3) the Office of the Inspector General. If you are subject to the scrutiny of any of these Federal agencies, it is a serious matter.

The Consequences of Conviction for Health Care Fraud
Insurers pass along the cost of health care fraud to their customers. It is estimated that perhaps 10% of every dollar spent on health care is spent to pay for fraudulent claims. It should come as no surprise therefore that health care fraud is vigorously investigated and harshly punished. Your Michigan criminal defense lawyer will tell you that if convicted you may face:

• Incarceration
• Substantial fines
• The possible loss of your right to continue to practice in the medical profession

Contact a Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer for Legal Assistance
Health care fraud is a major focus of law enforcement and consequences upon conviction are serious. If you have been indicted or suspect you are under investigation, time is of the essence. Call Jolene J. Weiner-Vatter, a Michigan criminal defense attorney, at 616-451-4446 today.

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