A Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Intent to Distribute

Michigan criminal defense attorneyPossession with the intent to distribute is a very serious federal drug charge. Your Michigan criminal defense lawyer understands that once the full force of the federal government is set against you, there is no time to waste. A your Michigan criminal defense attorney will explain, the elements the government must prove are fairly straightforward; that is, you knowingly or intentionally possessed drugs with the intent to distribute those drugs. However, there is typically more to the picture.

A Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Explains How the Feds Add Additional Charges

In most cases an indictment on violation of federal drug laws results in multiple charges. Most common, as your Michigan criminal defense attorney sees regularly, is an additional conspiracy charge, because most likely, there is more than one active participant. Where there is more than one participant, a conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute can be charged.

How a Conspiracy Charge Impacts Your Case

Initially, as a Michigan criminal defense attorney will tell you, an additional charge exposes you to longer prison time and larger fines. But more importantly, other defendants make the defense your Michigan criminal defense lawyer will craft more difficult. What if one of the other defendants cooperates with the feds for leniency and testifies against you? What if one of the other defendants lies about what occurred? A conspiracy charge gives the prosecution a much better hand to play.

What Can an Experienced Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Do for Me?

With the knowledge of the law and how the feds operate, a vigorous and zealous defense will provide your best chance for a positive result in your case. You must contest each allegation at each step in the process and attempt to mitigate whatever negatives may come your way.

Federal charges are very serious. A conviction can lead to a lengthy sentence in a federal prison; even after release you will find it difficult to obtain employment, and perhaps even housing. Jolene J. Weiner-Vatter, a Michigan criminal defense attorney, understands how a Federal drug charge can impact your life. If you have been indicted or believe you are the subject of an investigation, immediately call 616-451-4446for a consultation.

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