A Gun Crimes Attorney in Grand Rapids on Federal Drug Conspiracy Crimes

Gun crimes attorney in Grand RapidsThe Federal government often uses conspiracy charges to widen their net in an effort to bring in more potential criminal defendants, and where drugs are involved, guns are very likely in the picture as well. The addition of gun charges can greatly increase the penalties a person faces. It is essential that anyone facing such charges works with a gun crimes attorney in Grand Rapids.

A Gun Crimes Lawyer in Grand Rapids on How a Conspiracy Works

The danger of a conspiracy charge is that you may be held responsible for the acts of others who the prosecution alleges you conspired with. If the prosecution proves an agreement was made to commit a crime, your gun crimes attorney in Grand Rapids will explain that is considered a conspiracy. So for example, if the crime was drug trafficking, even if you never had any drugs in your possession at any time, you could face the same prison time as the individual who was actually in possession of the illegal substance.

What Must Be Proven to Show a Conspiracy?

The essential elements the prosecution must prove, according to an experienced gun crimes lawyer in Grand Rapids, are:

• An agreement was made between you and some other party or parties
• The agreement was viable and understood by all parties
• The underlying act upon which the agreement was based was criminal in nature

What Are the Consequences if a Gun Was Involved?

Again, it is the nature of a conspiracy charge that you may be held accountable for the acts of a co-conspirator. A gun crimes attorney in Grand Rapids knows from experience that federal law may impose harsh minimum prison sentences, depending on the circumstances of the use of the gun.

So Even if I Never Possessed Any Drugs or Touched a Gun, I Could Go to Prison?

Yes. Your gun crimes attorney in Grand Rapids will tell you that as a co-conspirator you face the same potential penalties as if you actually committed the offense.

Call a Gun Crimes Lawyer in Grand Rapids for Legal Advice

Time is of the essence. If you have been arrested or suspect you are the subject of an investigation, you need to act quickly. Call Jolene J. Weiner-Vatter, a gun crimes attorney in Grand Rapids, at (616) 451-4446.


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