A Grand Rapids Criminal Attorney on Illegal Reentry

Simply stated, it is a crime to renter or be found in the U.S. subsequent to being “removed” from the country. However, your ability to stay here is dependent on multiple factors. A Grand Rapids criminal attorney who is experienced and dedicated can help you if you are charged with illegal entry.

A Grand Rapids Criminal Lawyer Explains Removal

Grand Rapids Criminal AttorneyImmigration laws are complex. Legally, being removed from the U.S. includes those individuals:

• Deported from the country
• Excluded from the country
• Denied admission to the country
• Removed from the country
• Deported from the country while a deportation, exclusion or removal matter is pending

Criminal Penalties upon a Conviction for Illegal Reentry

As your Grand Rapids criminal attorney can explain, each case is unique, and in some instances removal from the U.S. is the only consequence. If your case is adjudicated, the basic exposure can one of the following:

• A fine
• A prison sentence of up to two years
• Both a fine and imprisonment

However, a knowledgeable Grand Rapids criminal lawyer will caution that there are more severe penalties if you have a prior criminal record in the U.S.

Prior Convictions and Enhancements

Prior criminal convictions expose you to more severe consequences. For example, a prior felony conviction or a prior conviction of three or more misdemeanors may, as a Grand Rapids criminal attorney understands, lead to a prison sentence of up to 10 years. Imprisonment for up to 20 years is allowable if a more serious crime was previously committed.

Reinstatement of the Prior Order

The first consideration in the defense of an individual detained as an illegal reentrant is the basis for the original removal. An experienced Grand Rapids criminal attorney may be able to argue for an adjustment of status or perhaps explain why you are fearful of returning to your country of origin.

Contact a Grand Rapids Criminal Attorney for Counsel

Even if your removal order is reinstated, you have options. If you or a loved one is being detained for illegal reentry, call Jolene J. Weiner-Vatter, a Grand Rapids criminal lawyer, at (616) 451-4446, today.

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